Introducing Communio Outreach®

The nation's first and only online learning and marketing support service that equips your church to make disciples of Jesus through marriage and relationship ministry.

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Did you know just 18 percent of Millennials without continuously married parents will continue attending church regularly as adults?

Meanwhile, Millennials raised in continuously married families are 78 percent more likely to attend church twice monthly or more than those from divorced, never married, and widowed homes.

The health of marriage is central to the health of faith.

Communio Outreach is the first-and-only online learning and marketing support service of its kind that equips your church to run outreach and make disciples of Jesus through marriage and relationship ministry.

Your subscription equips your church to:

• Identify relationship needs in your community
• Reach people you’ve never reached before
• Grow healthy marriages and relationships

Churches across the country are using Communio’s consultative ministry support and outreach services to produce astonishing results.

David Ashcraft, Lead Pastor, LCBC Church, Lancaster, PA

"We’re excited about working with Communio. As a church family we always try to say ‘we’re not the experts in a lot of things—so let’s go out and find the experts.’ The reason we’re connecting with Communio is their ability and their expertise in helping develop relationships and coming alongside us helping us in our church family with singles, with marriages, with marriages that are struggling, with marriages that are excelling."

Sean Ray, Director of Missions & Outreach,
Sanctuary Christian Fellowship, Denver, CO

Our partnership with Communio has provided us with two major tools. First, the marketing outreach has expounded our ability to reach our community. And our second one is the framework to strategize on how to lead people into actual marriage growth and relationship building rather than just throwing random events.

Your subscription includes:

  • Access to Communio’s full suite of outreach and tech services, including:
    •  The ability to run church-branded email, mail, texting, and social media prospecting campaigns within a 2-5 mile radius of the church. 
    • Access to a downloadable block walking app for targeted door-to-door evangelism. 
    • The subscription will include three multi-layered digital advertising campaigns, which itself would cost $7,500 on the private market.

  • A sequence of monthly online master classes that train and equip churches to leverage Communio’s Full-Circle Relationship Ministry® model.

  • Complete online library of on-demand videos and resources to supplement lessons learned from online courses, including ministry best practice modules and Communio’s searchable Content Catalog of skills-based relationship education resources and programs.

  • Promotions and discounts on select resources, courses, and marriage intensives from publishers who have partnered with Communio and who we believe have a proven track record of success at improving relationship health.


  • Ongoing consultative support over email and by phone to answer questions and help recalibrate church strategy when necessary.

Communio Outreach will be available in Fall 2021. Pre-Purchase is available now.

Case Studies:

“75 Percent Are New”: Communio-Supported Churches Increase Engagement, Draw in First-Time Guests with Effective Outreach Events

More than 75 percent of those registered for tonight’s outreach at this one church are first-time guests.

With vaccination rates climbing and viral caseloads falling, Communio-supported churches across the country are surging with their new relationship ministries both in the Mile High City and around the country.

“A Great Date” – LCBC Church

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